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The Association for Professional Nannies in the UK






BAPN is the membership organisation for professional nannies, dedicated to raising the profile of nannies and promoting quality childcare.

They provide information, support and training to members, set industry standards which employers and recruitment agencies can refer to and represent nannies to the Government and the media on issues affecting the profession

BAPN membership is a sign of professionalism and a way to engage with issues affecting nannies on a local and national level. BAPN supports members locally through networks and nationally by consulting members on issues affecting the profession and acting as a voice for nannies.


Benefits for B.A.P.N. Members

  • Members benefit from exclusive discounts with insurance and training providers, including industry leaders such as Morton Michel, MNT Training and Educare and NSPCC.
  • Regular newsletters.
  • Specialist workshops and events.
  • CV advice and professional development service, aimed at maximising your experience and helping you identify opportunities to extend your portfolio of skills.
  • Certificate of membership.
  • Copy of Code of Best Practice and forum guidelines.
  • Access to forum, with nanny contract and templates including a nanny Diary sheet, petrol expense form, medical consent form.



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