Night Nannies

You may be looking for someone to come in at night for a set period of time or on an ad hoc basis to take over the night time feeding of your baby whilst you catch up on some sleep or you may be looking for someone to come in and establish a good routine and help get baby sleeping through the night.

A night nanny is an experienced or qualified baby nanny, they are a good support for parents who are feeling sleep deprived and exhausted and just looking for someone to take over the night feeding of their baby/babies.

A night nannies hours are very flexible but they will usually be with you over a 10 hour period, usually 9pm - 7am. They can either take over the feeds for the night or can support a mother while breastfeeding. If you are breastfeeding you can either express your milk for the night feeds or the night nanny will bring the baby to you at night for a feed. Once you have breast fed your baby the night nanny will then wind, change and settle your baby back to sleep.

A Night Nanny will be happy to do the following:

  • Prepare and carry out night feeds or take baby to mum for breast feeding
  • Change the baby's nappies
  • Settle the baby back in to their cot / mosses basket
  • Prepare and sterilise bottles
  • Wash, dress and get the baby ready in the morning
  • Give mum help, advice and support on getting the baby into a sleep routine
  • Give advice on breast-feeding & support groups

Night nannies can be booked for 1 - 6 nights per week.

Night Nanny's fees vary depending on roles and responsibilities.