Drive a Child


Drive a Child


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On an average 16 minute journey with children we take our eyes off the road for more than 3 minutes!

 Everyone thinks they’re a great driver! So how can you be sure?

Drive a Child is an effective interactive training programme, which teaches childcarers and family members, vital skills and awareness, as well as offering families peace of mind.

Drive a Child provides essential information and coping strategies to ensure someone driving children is fully informed and prepared for just about anything when out on the road.

Drive a Child

Experience helps but its not a measure of driving competence!

* A lack of points doesn’t mean your a safe driver

* Test drives often show a false positive as people are on their best behaviour

Don’t leave it to chance…be sure your little ones get safely from A to B


£25.00 - reduced to £20 with our discount code - LEMJEL15

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