Insurance for Childcarers


Insurance for Childcarers


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Insurance for Childcarers




Public Liability Insurance provide financial protection for the policyholder should a claim be made against them by a member of the public. In the case of a nanny,  members of the public include the children she cares for and their families.

Although it is not a legal requirement for nannies to have insurance, it is recommended for the following reasons:

  • It is sensible to protect yourself against the unknown
  • Insurance will give the you and the family you work for peace of mind
  • It is an Ofsted Requirement





Nannyinsure is Nannytax's specialist public liability policy, created specifically for professional nannies. Nannyinsure doesn't just protect you if the children in your care have an accident; it also protects the important relationship between you and your employer, giving you both peace of mind.

www.nannyinsure.co.uk, or call 020 3137 4410




Nanny - Insurance For Nannies, Doulas, Maternity Nurses and Childminders Exempt From Compulsory RegistrationNanny insurance is for qualified or experienced nannies, doulas and maternity nurses, who care for a child or children aged 0 - 17 and/or pre- and post-natal mothers, based in the child’s or mother’s own home.

 020 8603 0942





Why choose PACEY?

We don't just offer insurance, we're your professional association for childcare and early years.

With PACEY membership and insurance you will also get access to a range of other benefits. From free training, to the Childcare Professional magazine, telephone helplines, member discounts and more; membership with PACEY is designed to make your life easier and help you feel supported and confident in your work.


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