Payroll Services for Employers

Payroll Services for Employers




Your Payroll Options


Once you have found your Nanny you will need to consider how to calculate their salaries. Your options are:

* Use a payroll service – we suggest Way2Paye, Zest and Nannytax.

* Use an Accountant – Can be Expensive.

* Calculate it yourself – Very time consuming

* Not declaring employment – A criminal offence.


Why use a payroll company


* They will administer all HM Revenue & Customs requirements and provide you with our experienced, friendly and professional service.

* They will email or post you your employee(s) payslips.

* All you will need to do is give them initial information on employee/employer, advise them of hours or amounts if they vary, make payments to your employee(s) on pay day and pay HM Revenue & Customs quarterly.

* They offer a service for New and Established employers and short term employments.

* Annual Fee of between £195 – £280

Who should I use??


Way2paye is an established payroll company offering all clients a friendly and professional service. They do everything required by HM Revenue & Customs and go that much further in helping you with other payroll issues that may arise.

They specialise in, Nanny Payroll, Small Business Payroll and Domestic Payroll

01604 743346



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An all-inclusive service providing payroll administration, detailed Employment Contracts and extensive Employment Law Support.

020 3137 4401




Zest Payroll Solutions operates a friendly, reliable payroll service to help parents employing a nanny on a temporary / pay-as-you-go basis. They don’t charge you an upfront annual fee, you just pay on a monthly basis for as long as you need them.

01823 288537

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